Monday, September 3, 2012

Dear Daddy,

     Momma used to always tell me when I was in the womb, 

what a great dad you would be when I was born.  I couldn't 

wait to meet you.  From the beginning you gave mommy 

ideas on how to take care of me.  You knew how to wrap me 

up tight in my blanket so that I would feel safe and secure.  I 

love it when you read to me as well, your voice is so 

soothing to me.  And you can always make me smile and 

giggle, especially when you change my diaper, I love seeing 

the funny faces you make;-)


     Most of the day I am with mommy, but we both can't wait for you to get home, that's why we meet

 you at the door.  We love you so much and I love to hear, "Daddy's home!"  When you read to me, 
that's the best because I just love looking at all those 

pictures.  I think it's so funny when you exercise and move 

your arms and legs around and I try to do the same thing 

because I want to be just like you.

    I know I cry sometimes, but I just want you to know that 

you are the best dad a little girl could ever hope for!  Thank 

you for working so hard to take care of me and mommy and 

for all the little things you do like giving me warm baths at 

night and holding me for hours when I get a little fussy.  

   I can't wait till I get a little older so you can

give me piggy back rides and so we can dance

together like you and mommy do.  I love you

Daddy.  You are the BEST!

Your baby girl

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