Sunday, September 4, 2011

McDonald's Breakfast

My dream breakfast, haha!
Friday night we went to spend the night with some friends in Sangolqui (normally only 35 minutes from Quito)  However, because we left during high traffic hours, it took us nearly 2 hours.  It was dark, we couldn't see signs, and we got turned around a few times to say the least. 

Finally, we sat down at around 9:00 p.m. to eat dinner and enjoyed a great evening with great friends.  We spoke to Larry's grandparents the day before while they were eating their breakfast and drinking coffee at a little restaurant.  Our friends had a meeting the next morning, so I had the bright idea to go to McDonald's and have breakfast (like his cute grandparents)!  Doesn't it sound good... a nice hot sausage biscuit or pancakes with hash browns and coffee?  I thought it would be fun to enjoy a nice breakfast with my hubby.  However, Larry wasn't so excited because he didn't want to get lost again. 

That's when our friend offered to loan us their GPS.  Well, needless to say..."7 miles in Ecuador is not the same as driving 7 miles in Texas!"  An hour later, we finally make it to our destination, which was practically back in Quito.  I'm so excited to sink my teeth into a "McMuffin and coffee" only to find out that they don't open until 10, it was 9:15 when we arrived!  So we waited an hour, only to find that they don't serve breakfast!  So, we ended up with a hamburger and chicken nuggets for breakfast:-(

Well, as my high school students would say it was an "Epic Fail!"  So we took "Kathryn-the GPS" out to find our way back.  Let's just say, she had no idea where we were.  She kept leading us down cobble-stoned roads with chickens instead of main Ecuadorian freeways!  In the end, we pulled over and asked the Ecuadorians for directions and eventually made it back to Sangolqui... 3 hours later!

Although nothing turned out the way I had hoped, one thing is for sure... we will NOT be buying a GPS!  It was incredibly frustrating and I have to admit, that I wish I would have listened to my husband.  Yet God teaches us and molds us in those situations.  We learn a little more about one another, and we learn what NOT to do ever again!  So if you live in Ecuador, don't plan on getting breakfast at McDonald's, instead you should try El Español... they had ham and cheese croissants with coffee and fruit!

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