Monday, October 3, 2011

An Orphanage in the Jungle

 Last week I had the opportunity to join with Oakwood Baptist on a mission trip to an orphanage near the jungle.  It was so neat to see all God had done in the past year!  Last year when we went, the kids were crammed in a small house with no grass and no room to play.  Now they have wide open spaces and lots more room to spread out.  It was such an encouragement to be with such an awesome group for the week.  We had many laughs and praise God for his protection throughout the trip.  Below are some pics of what we did.
Assembly line-passing the concrete
One of the easier jobs;-)

Finished product-where all the kids live

Glenn and I

This kiddo stole my heart last year-love that boy!

Eating ice cream in Salcedo
At Mitad del Mundo in our Ecuadorian gear!
Loving on the kiddos
Kev working on the school
Melted my heart!

Jeff chats with Johnathan

Jean holding one of the twins
On the way into the jungle to see the Waorani

Pushing cement thing up the stairs=SCARY!

Hauling buckets of rocks with Hal

Birds eye view of school
Road side stop on the way to Shell

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