Wednesday, August 31, 2011

God Provides!

In January, I started working with kids from low income families.  In June, a church came not only to minister to the kids but also donated 3 computers for a new computer lab!  The most amazing thing is that God has orchestrated every detail.  It doesn't even seem like work, because I haven't called to ask anyone for anything!  Churches and individuals have contacted me to see what the kids need!  It has been such a blessing to see the joy on the kids faces when they hear we serve an Almighty God that touches peoples hearts from the United States to send them personal items so they can be successful.  It is very rewarding and I am beyond amazed at how God does it.  So thank you so much for thinking of these children that live thousands of miles away and for being the "hands and feet" of Jesus to them.  On Monday, they will be starting school with brand new supplies, shampoo, deodorant, and the basic essentials to start the year off right because someone cared enough to give.  Thank you so much!  Below is a video of their shopping experience at "The Market." 

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