Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our New Home

From the kitchen all the way back to our room.
Well, we finally made it to our new home.  Here are some pictures of before and after we fixed it up:-)

Nearly everything in the kitchen was given or loaned to us including the fridge and stove.

Everything in this room was given or loaned to us (except the rug and Callie).  A friend helped me make slip covers for the furniture.


The Study


Our bedroom
God is so good... the only thing we had to buy was the Bed and dresser (and of course a few small items).


After-The guest bedroom, come see us!
Everything in here was also given or loaned to us.

Callie likes to watch the duck:-)
The entry way into our house


  1. I love the house...it looks great and I know that after living in a small apartment in CR you are so glad to finally have a HOME of your own.....God is awesome at supplying all of our needs....:)

  2. Robin CastroFebruary 22, 2011

    The house looks great! I am so happy to hear from you two! Hope to see you soon! Lauro and Ruth are always so happy when they get to visit with you!
    Love and prayers to you and the mission,