Sunday, January 9, 2011

No Internet... WHAT!!!!????!!!!

As you may know, Larry and I have been house-sitting since we arrived in Quito in September.  The family that lives here comes back in 3 days.  For the last 3 months we have been painting, cleaning, and getting everything ready at our new place.  We are excited about finally moving into our own place after living with other people for the past 2 years!  More than ready to say the least. 

Everything was going according to plan.  Then this week, we found out that we will not be able to get internet out there like we thought.  Evidently, there aren't enough outlets (or something like that) and we have to wait for them to install more.  And although they tell us that it should be ready by the end of January or mid February, we all know that it could take much longer than that!

I was so discouraged.  I just wanted to cry after thinking of all the work that was put into this house, and now... "How are we going to communicate with our supporters?  I won't be able to use our magic jack phone anymore to call home.  And there's facebook too you know!"

But then, I was reminded that the Lord knew all this before it would happen.  Although we feel it is a necessity to have internet, it's really a luxury.  This was the first thing we asked about before agreeing to live there, but these things just can't be controlled.  I could get all down and upset and sad about not knowing if we will still continue living there if the internet never comes (prolonging the "settled" stage), but for what?  It's not like I can control the situation anyway.  So, along with everything else right now, I have to give it to God and let Him take care of it for me.   I trust that whatever happens, happens because He allowed it to.  Oh, how I feel that the Lord is testing my heart once again.  Will I give it to Him, or will I worry?  This is the choice we all have to make.  With His help, I pray I pass:-)  And Lord just so you know... I'm expecting a miracle here:-)

Judith Hougen says, "The false self's motivations are based on worry.  And such worry is itself a type of prayer, paying homage to the lesser god of capricious circumstance."   

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  1. What will you do without facebook?!?! Ok seriously, we'll be praying for you because we know that staying in touch with your community of supporters and prayer partners is important.