Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Trail...

On a beautiful sunny day a little boy went out for hike with his father.  He had everything he needed: water, sack lunch, good shoes, and a small flashlight (just in case).  The boy and his father started heading up the mountain with the father leading the way and the boy following close behind.  The boy didn't want to make any mistakes and didn't want to get hurt, so he was careful to watch the path, keep his head down, and follow his father.
As they marched up the mountain the boy made sure to keep his eyes on the path and continue going even though he was getting a little tired.  They passed by some beautiful birds making their homes high in the trees.  A little fox even ran across the path in front of them.  They continued up the mountain on this glorious day and could marvel at the scenery below.  
The boy's father asked if he wanted to stop and rest awhile.  But the boy said, "No. I want to keep going."  Even though he was becoming more sluggish he wanted to press on toward the top and show his father that he could do it.  As the morning went on the young boy became exhausted, but he never took his eyes off the path because he didn't want to slip and get hurt or disappoint his father.  
Finally, he was so tired he had to ask his father, "How much farther?"  And his father said, "About ten feet."  The boy then looked up for the first time during the hike and saw how close they were to the top.  He was excited and filled with joy because he made it up the mountain.  He looked and saw what a beautiful day it was and the marvelous nature around him.  
But then he realized what he had missed along the path to the top.  He never looked up from the trail.  He didn't stop to rest and take in the beauty before him.  While he thought it was good to keep his eyes on the path, keep his head down and keep marching, he was sad because he didn't take a moment to enjoy the world around him.
I thought about this after Amanda and I went on a little hike recently.  I was watching the trail because I didn't want to trip on a rock and twist my ankle as I am prone to doing.  But I realized I need to look up once in a while and take in what is going on around me, look back on where I have been, and enjoy the beauty God has created.  I am also very thankful God added the day of rest so we can reflect on what He is doing in our lives.
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