Friday, April 16, 2010

So far...


  1. Hi Larry and Amanda! I enjoyed your video of what you all do on a daily/weekly basis - I know God is smiling! (And Lauro and Christine too!lol)
    God Bless you and know prayers are continuing to be spoken on your behalf here in Texas!
    (Oasis of Faith Sunday School
    at South Mai)

  2. I miss you guys! I am so glad to hear all that God is doing in your lives and through your lives. I can see how you are blessing the people of Costa Rica and will be blessing the people of Ecuador! I love you both so much!!


  3. Love you guys! What a blessing to see what you guys are up to. What a ministry you all are involved in. I can see the joy in your faces and know that is what your heart is feeling "joy" for doing Gods ministry. Love you guys.....The Ukles

  4. LOVE the video - you two look so happy!!! So excited for you!!! Praying the Lord will continue using you to share His love with them!!!


    p.s. I like that the KSBJ bumper sticker made an appearance!

  5. AnonymousMay 07, 2010

    This was great. Do you mind if we steal... er.. I mean borrow your idea for a video update? :D Blessings to you guys!!!

    Casey & Jenny Greene