Saturday, May 1, 2010

Don't give up!

Today, I woke up and was excited to talk with my family on Skype. It was my Grandma's 90th birthday and everyone was going to my cousin Shanna's house for the big party. We had been planning for about a month to talk via computer, however, little did we know that when we woke up we would not have any internet!
Not to worry, we still have time to get back home is what I told Larry (we were house sitting for another couple a few miles down the road). I sent Larry to get a taxi, and after what seemed like forever, he came back unable to get one. But he had a number of a taxi driver, so I called it and the operator assured me that the taxi driver would be there within 5 minutes
We brought everything outside and waited in the driveway for over 20 minutes. Frustrated, I went back inside to call and see what happened. She said that the driver couldn't find the house, and was on another run, so I should call her back in 10 minutes! By this time, I'm completely frustrated and wondering, "Lady, why would I call you again... don't you realize I have a birthday party to get to"(on Skype!) So I sat on the steps, put my head on my arms, and the tears started flowing. Two hours had already passed and I figured everyone would be leaving soon. On any other day, the internet would work, why of all days does the internet not work nor can we find a taxi?
So, I'm feeling pretty bad and having my little pity party when I decide to try one more time to find a taxi. My Mom used to always say, "You can just get glad in the same boat you got mad in." So I marched up the hill, around the corners, and down to the main street while wiping the mascara from under my eyes. And finally, after many taxis passed me by, one stopped. I was a little unsure though when he had to turn the car off to check his engine... seriously!?
But,we made it just in the nick of time, about 15 minutes before everyone started heading out. Although the internet has a mind of its own, I'm thankful to have it, even if it is sparatic!
It was great and the day was saved... well until Callie ate Larry's manicotti right off his plate:-)

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