Friday, March 12, 2010

Daddy, "Will You Dance With Me?"

As a little girl, I used to practice dancing with my Dad in the living room. We would turn some music on, and I would stand on his feet as he twirled me around the room. I remember telling him, "I can't wait until I'm big and get married! We will dance this way at my wedding!"

Yet as the years passed I learned how to dance on my own. I can't tell you how many times over the years I have heard the phrase, "Amanda, will you let me lead?" My tendency was to lead, even on the dance floor. After all, I suppose I wanted to dance my way! It's a picture God has been teaching me over and over...that I am not the one who needs to think about leading the dance. It is me who makes it harder than it needs to be. In reality, all I need to do is come. I just need to come to Him. He is the one who wraps his arms around me, sets my feet on his, and leads the dance. He is the one who reveals Himself to those who do not know Him.

Living in Costa Rica has reminded me of this lesson. There are times when something happens and I feel that I need to say something. For me, it is often harder to hold my tongue than to say what I really want! I put the pressure on myself to make a change in someone else. Yet God is so good and patient with me. He tells me to cast all my cares and burdens on Him and that He will give me rest. God is saying, "Amanda, come to me. Lay your head on my chest. Rest in me...and enjoy the dance!" I've seen the power He has to meet people where they are, and I continue to stand amazed of the mighty and powerful God I serve! Thank you Lord for being gentle with me:-)

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