Monday, February 1, 2010

Mas de Ti! (English translation below)

Senor, como es que tu eres tan bueno para mi? No he hecho nada para recibir su amor, ni puedo hacer nada para obtenerlo. Tu me amas porque tu eres amor. Quiero caerme mas profundo en tus brazos, quiero conocerte mas. Padre, anhelo sentir tu abrazo. Ningunos de los otros idolos se comparan a ti! Me restauras y refrescas mi alma. Senor mi copa esta rebosando con tu gracia. Padre, te pido que tu reveles a ti mismo a los demas que no te conocen. Senor, tu has roto mis cadenas, has fijado mis pies en una roca, y sigue mostrandome tu bondad y fidelidad. Padre, quiero ser audaz para ti! Usame Senor, para que a las otras personas te conozcan! Por tu gracia Senor, por tu gracia!

Lord, how is it that you are so good to me? I have done nothing to deserve your love nor can I do anything to obtain it. You love me because you are love. I want to fall deeper into your arms, I want to know you more. Father, I yearn to feel your embrace! No other gods compare to you! You restore me and refresh my soul. Lord, my cup overflows with your grace. Father, I pray that you will reveal yourself to the ones who do not know you! Lord you have broken my chains, set my feet on a rock, and continue to show me your goodness and faithfulness. Father, may I be bold for you! Use me Father, so that others will come to know you! By your grace Lord, by your grace!

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  1. Hey guys we have been thinking and praying for you both a lot! Looks like the Spanish is coming along good, and you are learning some helpful things LOL. We almost called tonight but got tied up and then it was late. Maybe someday soon.... Love yall keep it up!!!!

    Pete and Abby