Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Learning the Ropes

Highlights from the past 2 weeks:

1) Learned where to buy groceries, and it's not at the Costa Rican "Wal-Mart!" We found that everything is pretty expensive there!

2) Found a church near our house that we have really enjoyed attending. Last week we heard missionaries speak from Israel and participated in a Hebrew song and dance!

3) Callie, our dog, is adjusting well and loves playing with the kiddos.

4) We've learned that the bag of rice here with corn kernels isn't for humans to's for chickens:-)

5) Also, that "manana (tomorrow)" doesn't really mean will just happen when it happens.

6) Never show up on time, b/c everyone will be late according to "Americans."

7) Someone told me yesterday that we are like "married singles." We take that as a compliment, b/c the singles have invited us to do the "single" activities. Oh, and we are considered to be a "young married couple'" even though we've been married for 6 1/2 years! :-)

8) We love our Tico family, they have made it a family project to help us learn the language!

9)Last but not least, don't try to return something, it takes FOREVER!

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  1. That's great! "Learning the ropes 101". I think we should swap stories in a week or two!! haha :) Love you guys and miss you! I could go for a 'fireside' chat again sometime soon! :)