Monday, January 11, 2010

Church Service...Tico Way!

We went to our first church service with out Tico family yesterday. The people were very friendly and so many came to introduce themselves to us. Needless to say, service here is different than back home. Like how it lasted for 2 hours:-) But we really enjoyed every bit of it, and got most of what the service was about: prayer!

I couldn't help but think of my church back in Houston and how they were worshiping the same time we were. Oh how I loved the worship time at UBC and all the people there! Yet as the songs played, I began to feel right at home. It reminded me so much of the church I served at one summer in Del Rio. There really wasn't a time schedule. It was such a beautiful time to see people worship in different ways. As the cars buzzed by outside, I could feel God's presence, like it just swept in with the rush of the cool breeze. My heart was touched to see the love the people had for one another. How they didn't hold back their emotions, and how they worshiped an Almighty God! It brought tears to my eyes to know that I could still experience Him in worship despite that it is in a different culture, language, or country! Oh how the Lord goes beyond what we could have imagined and gives us more than we ever thought to ask! We praise Him for the place we have to live, the family who has taken us in, and for the people who are supporting us that makes it all possible! We love you!

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  1. I am glad yall had a great time at the church service. I remember what that was like in CR, but I never could really understand them LOL. Praying for you daily.