Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Llegamos a Costa Rica! We made it to Costa Rica! First, thank you so much for your prayers, we were so encouraged to hear of all the people praying. We could not have asked for a "smoother" trip!

So far we have been able to go to a grocery store, where I (Amanda) held up the line, and the checker must have felt bad because he decided to give me the store discount instead of waiting for the manager to come:-) I was so thankful!

Today, we went to our first day of orientation at school. We both had to take written and oral exams and learned a lot about the culture! For instance, in Costa Rica you shouldn't walk around bare foot in the house!

The other 3 dogs are warming up to Callie gradually. She has learned how to bust open the door of her crate and climb in bed with us the last 2 nights at 1 a.m.! Last night, our Tican mother showed us where to pick limes from the tree outside and told us that we will have great big juicy mangoes in a few months to eat from the tree! How cool is that!?!? Afterwards, we played a little game of kickball in the street with the 3 kids that live here...and the dogs!

All is well, gracias a Dios! Attached is a video of our apartamento:-) (If you are a facebook friend, you may have already seen it).


  1. Lauren GravesJanuary 07, 2010

    awwww.... home sweet home, no matter how quaint it is. I immediately noticed all of the notecards on the refrigerator, walls, etc. - great way to study!!! :-) Praying for you daily dear friends.

  2. Love you guys. :) Ya'll are awesome.

  3. Wow! Excited for you both. I know you are in for a GREAT move of God. Love your apartment and its all worth it when you are doing the Lords work. The Ukles :)