Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Larry and I have spent the last 2 weeks going through "stuff" deciding what goes and what stays. And then today, we unpacked it all and put it back in the shed!

Last night we were watching the movie "A Nativity Story." I was so inspired by Mary and all that she must have gone through, things that I don't normally think about. I mean, she was pretty brave, to get on a donkey and travel 100 miles to Bethlehem...while pregnant! Wow! After the movie I went and told Larry that I had been thinking about something during the movie. How Joesph and Mary took things they needed (food, money, water, etc.) In the movie, while they are looking for a place to stay, Mary cries out, "Lord! Will you not provide a place for us?!" And then He did!

It got me thinking..."Why in the world are we even bringing all this stuff?" Boxes of pots, pans, pictures, stuff we can get in Ecuador." Larry got this little smile on his face and was quiet. He said, "Well, I've been praying that God would somehow make you want to take less stuff...but I didn't think you were going to go this far!"

We decided to pray together about what we should do. I could hardly sleep, I was so excited about the idea of not bringing it all! I woke up and asked God this morning to show me if this was right. I didn't want it to be an emotional feeling.

While at the Vet's office I was holding some papers Larry had used to write notes on the back, when I see an article by Stormie Omartian called, "Knowing How to Pack for the Wilderness!" I read it, and start laughing out loud right there in the office. I'm actually laughing so much, I'm crying! I ask, "Babe, did you put this in here for me to see?" He says, "No, I don't even know what it is. I took notes on it a couple of weeks ago b/c it was the only paper I could find." I laugh again and know that we are supposed to take less.

One paragraph stuck out from the article: "When traveling in the wilderness, learn to seek the abundance of the moment. Ask God to open your eyes to all the blessings he has for you there. Oh, and remember to pack lightly. I'd say take the Word of God, a measure of patience, a garment of praise, a pair of knee pads for those fervent prayer times, and an open vessel to hold the living water God is going to pour out on you. That's all you can manage on that path, anyway-especially in the kind of light you're going to have."

I was still laughing when I got in the car. Lord, you are cracking me up! I asked you to let me know, and out of nowhere here is this guide for "packing for the wilderness!" Lord, forgive us for going through the motions and packing without really asking you what you want us to do/bring. What a weight lifted! I'm so excited to be traveling light! I'm so excited to trust you through the wilderness for everything we need!


  1. Sometimes we get so lost in our own world, we forget to stop and listen what God has to say. Thanks for ur blog today, b/c it helped me to stop for a minute and listen. God bless you both amanda & larry-- I am so proud of you guys! I know that u two will do great things through god's work. I love ya'll and don't forget to stay in touch.

  2. wow. Powerful testimony of God at work in your lives! Thanks for sharing that story. I am so proud of you guys!! Let's catch up soon!!! Love ya and I'm praying for you regularly!!!

  3. Jenny GreeneDecember 23, 2009

    Oh, girl. It's SO true! We brought five suitcases and, although I still miss everything that I left behind, I know we don't really need it. We bought most of our 'life' stuff right here. Anything we need desperately we can borrow or have someone mail or bring. But you really don't know exactly what you need until you get there. So pack enough to get there and let God show you the rest. Thanks for sharing your experience. It's so true. Sometime I get so bogged down in stuff that I forget the One who provides all we need just by being Himself!