Saturday, April 18, 2009

Life's a Dance, You Learn As You Go

It was a nice Spring day, I was about 11 or 12 years old when my Mom asked me to go place the ice trays filled with bird seed out in our backyard for the birds. I was excited to do this, so I took them and walked outside. I took my time gathering the bird seed in my fingers and sprinkling it all round the yard in our nice green grass. A little here and a little there, it was so much fun feeding the birds. As I sprinkled...I smiled, I sang, I tossed it all around

After some time, (I'm sure my Mom wondered what was taking so long), I came back into the kitchen with the empty ice trays. I'll never forget the look on our face...a look of bewilderment. With one hand on her hip and the other hand facing up, she asked, "What did you do with the bird seed?" I told her I did what she told me to, I went out and fed the birds by sprinkling it all over the back yard and how I had fun doing it. Fortunately, she just got this big grin on her face and started laughing. I wasn't sure what was so funny about that. She said, "Amanda, I wanted you to go set the trays outside on the picnic table, or porch so the birds could find it!" "How do you think the birds will find 1 little seed hidden in the grass?" Well, I hadn't thought about that, I just had fun spreading the seed, knowing that the birds must find it somehow, they're birds after all!

I think of that story and still laugh to this day. I also think how I would like to hang on to the "childlike faith." This week, God proved himself faithful once again in numerous ways. He is encouraging me to have fun in spreading the seed, to let it go everywhere-all over the place, and to trust that He is in control. I have found that in doing so, it is much more fun and EASY! I have also found that I would rather do it God's way, b/c I don't have to think (worry)so much. It's not like planting tomatoes or squash (work, work, work!) It's about enjoying the DANCE with HIM! It reminded me of this song I used to hear growing up:

Life is a DANCE, you learn as you go,
Sometime you lead, sometimes you follow,
Don't worry 'bout what you don't know,
Life's a learn as you go!

Life is a dance...sometimes, we just don't hear the tune. I want to DANCE!

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