Sunday, May 10, 2009

"I'll love you always..."

Those are the words my Mom wrote on a daily calendar that she had given me not too long before she passed away. She wrote, "I'll love you always and will be near you now and forever and ever."
I was driving to church this morning and thanking God for the amazing women He has placed in my life. I know that God always provided a Mom right when I needed her. Like, to take me shopping for a prom dress, or buy school clothes, or fill out college application forms. He always provided someone to listen as well as give Godly advice.

And as I look back now, I realize that I have now lived as much of my life without my Mom as I did with her. And although I will not understand on this side of earth, why things happen the way they did, I have come to realize that the Lord has been so good to me. He has been so very good to have put these amazing women in my life right when I needed them the most, even though I didn't always realize it at the time-which brings me to today.

It was another great time of worship today as I continued to thank Him. But something unexpected happened at the end, something I wasn't quite prepared for. As we bowed our heads to pray, a Mom (who happens to remind me so much of my Mom) came and stood beside me. She wrapped her arms around me and just hugged me as we prayed. I wish I could describe the peace I felt as I did everything I could to just keep the tears from running down my face. Afterwards, I looked at her and smiled with big ole teary eyes and told her thank you. She hugged me tight and said, "Your Mamma would be so proud of you."

Well that did it, there was no use in trying to hold the tears back anymore. You see, on the way to church this morning, I wondered..."What would my Mom think right now, if she could be here with me today?" And was God not so incredibly let me know?!!!

So today, I thank all the women who have ever wiped a tear or lent a listening ear. And today, I want everyone to know how thankful I am for the wonderful Mom God gave me for the 15 years that He did. She taught me all I really needed to know. I love you and will always be near me this I know!


  1. I read your blog with tears streaming down my face; you bless me so incredibly. Thank you, sweet Baby Girl for letting me know that this morning was as special to you as it was to me. I am clutching you to my bosom as I type! XO! God is so good!

  2. Lauren GravesMay 11, 2009

    He IS good. Love ya!

  3. Oh my gosh Amanda. You had me in my office with tears! God loves to surprise us with his love doesn't he?

  4. What a sweet story Amanda. You have become such an incredible woman of God. Your mom was blessed as well with an amazing daughter. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love you.