Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our trip to Quito, Ecuador

We arrived in Quito late Sunday night, so we really didn't know what anything looked like until we woke up on Monday morning. The first thing I did, was run to the window to open the curtains. I then jumped on the bed to wake Larry up so he could see the amazing view. The terrain in Ecuador is absolutely beautiful.

Our first day we were able to tour the HCJB radio station, the Alliance Academy (where Amanda may teach) and a small orphanage. It was such a blessing to be able to meet the people we may be working with and ask lots of questions.

On Tuesday, we hired a driver to take us on a 5 hour trip to Shell, which is located at the edge of the jungle. Here we were able to tour the hospital, the "Nate Saint" school, and a small radio station. You may remember that Nate Saint was one of the missionaries killed along with Jim Elliot by a tribe in the Amazon jungle called the "Waodani." Their story has been made into a movie called "End of the Spear." We thought it was really cool to be able to see where they lived and how God has expanded the ministry to many other tribes in the Amazon jungle.

This is a picture on the way to Shell in a town called Banos. We were amazed at how beautiful the country side was with the many waterfalls.

Our last day we were able to tour the "outskirts" of Quito. We went up the "teleferiqo" which overlooked all of Quito-the view was picture perfect.
We had such a peace as we looked down on the city that we will soon be living in. We hope to have more pictures up later. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and sharing the journey with us.


  1. Andrea StephensMarch 23, 2009

    Still very excited for you guys! God is awesome for making this trip happen and keeping you encouraged about your mission. Thanks for sharing.

  2. kelly jaquezMarch 23, 2009

    How awesome to know the confirmation of where you will be!