Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wow Lord!

You know how I was telling you about the jar?! Well, God did it again! He orchestrated something that I didn't have any control of, something that completely surprised us, something that He had been up to. . .and was waiting for us to come to Him.

One of my prayers was that the Lord would show us every step to take and how to take it. That we would listen to His voice and be able to do it His way, not ours! I like how my friend put it, "Lord, I don't want to sit in the driving seat and take directions-I just want you to take the wheel!"

It wasn't long that I had been praying this that I got a "friend request" through Facebook. It was from some long time friends that we had met while in college. They asked what we were up to- so I gave them a quick update about our journey with HCJB, raising support, and our desire to go to Ecuador.

The next email went something like this:
"Dear Amanda,
_____________ and I have been praying for a place to give our tithe since we are between churches right now. We would like to give it to you ministry until we find a church. Could you send us your information so we can start doing this? Oh, and we'd also like to support you guys with $______/month."

I just kinda sat there with my mouth open for a couple of minutes. I sat in awe of a Mighty God who is working things according to His purpose, which is way over my little head!

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