Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I wanted to share something with you, that I didn't understand when it happened. It was about 7 years ago in Del Rio, Tx. I was there for the summer do mission work with my partner named Lauren. That summer God really did a work in me. I went thinking I would "give up a summer." And in reality, I didn't give up anything b/c God blessed and taught me so much about Himself. And still is. . .7 years later.

I remember struggling with trusting Him with everything. I was scared, about what the future might hold. But I wanted to trust Him, the way a little girl trusts her father when he throws her in the air. She knows he will catch her when she falls, she isn't scared, b/c she knows she will land safely in his arms. I remember thinking, "Lord, I want to trust you like the little girl."

It was during that summer, that God taught me to forgive myself and to trust Him. One night I was lying in bed, and I couldn't get this "vision" out of my head. It was no longer the little girl being tossed in the air by her father. It was me, all grown up, walking with Jesus, hand in hand. As we walked, we just looked at each other. I didn't know what that was about???? I remember telling me roommate, and she said after some thought, "It sounds like peace."

And it wasn't until I wrote the last blog and was reading over it that it clicked! It was a picture of peace. As if God was saying, "When you come to me and trust me, you will have peace in your heart. It was the kind of peace that you get when you trust HIM, and not in your own ways. And that when you trust HIM-you are free to just BE with Him. What a love story! How God wants us to meet with Him, and how He sweeps us off our feet when we do! It was after that summer that I decided to trust God with my future with Larry-knowing that I could not control our future but that I could trust that God would be with me the whole way, walking with me, holding my hand. Now that's PEACE! Thank you Lord!


  1. Thanks, Amanda, for sharing your heart :).

  2. Lauren GravesJanuary 30, 2009

    You couldn't have said it any better!