Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer Lessons

It's hard to believe that the summer is already over! Tomorrow is my first official day back, I'm looking forward to it. The summer has been good, I think I learned some valuable lessons that I needed to learn. As I went through my bible study, the lessons seemed right on time.

The first one that really caught my attention was titled, "Called to Courage." It asked me to consider how courageous I have been for God. Ouch! That's a tough one, how courageous have I been? I think I was still sitting in my comfort zone. That woke me up.

But it didn't stop there. The next lesson was titled, "Called to Trust." It asked what my fears were and if they impacted the way I live my life? They did. However, what I am learning is that fear is only something I make up in my head. We studied Rahab in this lesson and thought about how following God's call can mean being obedient even though you have to face fears in the process.

And then my favorite. . ."Watching God in Action." I learned that preparation is an important aspect on our part in being used by God. So I prayed and thought about what that looked like. I believe God showed me, and now I eagerly await to "Watch Him in Action!" Giving Him all the glory!

It also lead to me facing my fears 10,000 feet above the ground as Larry and I decided to jump out of a plane for our 5th Anniversary! It was amazing! I learned even more about myself and my God.

That story to be continued. . .

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