Monday, August 18, 2008

Fear is Temporary. . .

As many of you know, Larry and I decided to go skydiving for our 5th Anniversary. It was something that we always talked about doing, but I'm not sure if we ever thought we would actually do it! Many have asked, "So what was the scariest part?" Although standing on the edge of the plane, 10,000 feet above the ground, with my toes hanging over the threshold was no small task-it wasn't the hardest part.

The scariest part. . .was picking up the phone and making the reservation! I knew once I committed to it, that I had to follow through. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to commit! Looking back, I realized something about myself. The hardest part for just about anything. . . is taking the first step. Afterwards, you realize that your fears were just something in your head. Once you get on the other side of that fear, you feel. . .like a conqueror! You feel that you can do anything. You want to live everyday to the fullest and not look back. . .No Regrets!

So, I'm pretty glad that we did this. It's a great boost right before school starts and a great boost to run the race that God has put in front of us. With no fear- trusting in Him alone to catch us when we fall.

Enjoy the crazy video! Unfortunately, we didn't get much footage of Larry like we had hoped. But he jumped as well:-)


  1. Carla JonesAugust 18, 2008

    WOW Amanda and Larry!!! HOW COOL! I am so proud of you are much braver than me!:) What an incredible experience that must have been for you too...Happy Anniversary! Love, Carla

  2. Amanda!!!! I've been wanting to reach you for the longest time. This is Susanna. I lost my old cell phone and couldn't reach you. You guys look like you've been having fun. We were looking for you two. Last time we hung out we all "roughed out the storm in the condo" haha. Well, I miss you and am glad to see you are serving God, of course. Please call this # to reach me 512-439-5228. Are you guys ok from the hurricane???
    ps. we have a 1 yr. old boy !!!!

  3. Amanda-

    Wow! What a leap of faith! Oh, my... They always say the first step is the most difficult. A great and memorable way to celebrate your anniversary. ;-)