Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whooooo Weeeeee! 25 % supported!

Well, we are now officially 1/4 the way there! Praise God for his people, their hearts, and their obedience. We are so excited, I can't wait to see what it will be like to reach 50%! To think that we are a quarter of the way there, that is encouraging. Larry and I feel so blessed, so incredibly blessed and grateful to be able to see God provide in a way that is defintely over our heads. It's happening, we're going, praise the Lord! We are so excited to go, but look forward to the time we have left here to see family and friends. Thank you to all who are praying, giving, and encouraging us. We love you!
I would also like to recognize my husband's cousin, Gregory Gomez IV. He died in a car accident on July 5th while doing mission work in Peru. Although I didn't know Greg that well, the legacy he leaves behind has inspired me to run the race even harder and with a passion that comes from God. Seeing the faith he had and the faith of his family has been a tremendous encouragement to me and gently reminds me that life is so short, and to live each day with no regrets. Thank you Gomez family, you are in our prayers each and every day!

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