Tuesday, March 4, 2008

about the mission

When we moved to Houston, we became involved at University Baptist Church. It was at a bible study there where we heard about HCJB. Two of the couples were affiliated with HCJB Global and told us how we would be a perfect fit. However, we heard that we would have to " raise our own support" which was enough to scare us off. However, God was still working in our hearts and in October of 2006 we decided to take a step of faith. And the rest is history:-)

God began to take us step by step. It didn't seem so scary that way. We went to interview weekend in June of 2007, wondering if we would be accepted. A week later, we received the news that we were! Praise the Lord, the first door was being opened! The only thing was, we couldn't go to training for almost a year. But then, God opened another door, and Larry was able to take off of work in order for us to go in February. The Lord has provided for us in so many different ways and has encouraged to continue to walk forward.

Here is a little about what we will be doing in Ecuador. Larry will be training future radio broadcasters, and I will have the opportunity to teach English to locals. We are so excited to begin. Thank you for all your prayers!

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  1. tiffany mckinleyApril 11, 2008

    Sounds like God has great plans! I am so glad for you guys. I'll miss you so much though. Can't wait to keep up with your journey.