Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Feet!

We were playing with our baby girl the other night when the movie Happy Feet came on.  It was the part where the little penguin had been captured and could not escape the stone glass windows.  It made me want to cry to see the look of defeat as he stood there with no hope.  Then it came unexpectedly.  A little girl began to tap on the window.  As she tapped, it was enough to spark a flame in the heart of the little penguin and he began to dance!

I have to admit, when I'm going through a trial, my first reaction is not to dance!  I tend to sulk and cry and I want the storm to pass already!

I read this verse this morning, "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."

As I thought about it, something occured to me that made me smile.  It's our human tendency to try and do things on our own and in our time.  But the first part of this verse assures us that once we ask, that it will be given to us.  God has already got it under control before we ever start seeking or knocking!  What a blessing.  God continues to have us trust him as we walk down the unknown path, but as we take each step in seeking Him and while we knock on the door to see if it will open, we have the confidence in knowing that what we have asked... God has already done!

I've learned from experience that God holds true to His promises.  He has blessed the socks off of us that sometimes we don't have enough room to store all the blessings!  I am learning once again how important it is to praise Him through the storm.  How we need to remember all that He has done and not doubt in His perfect timing.  My spirit has been renewed, my faith has grown, and I continue to learn how to praise God even through the most difficult of times.

This morning, after finishing a wonderful book called The Red Sea Rules, I turned up the music and danced as I praised an awesome living God.  It was the spark I needed to re-ignite the flame.  I sang praises to Him, smelled the flowers outside that he put there for my enjoyment, listened to the birds sing, and rocked my little miracle to sleep.  Wow!  How He has blessed me.

"So whether you are on the upper side or the underside of the storm, whether you are on the east bank or the west bank of the Red Sea, God will make a way.
   And as He does, don't forget to praise Him." - Robert Morgan

And don't forget to DANCE!

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  1. Great Post, i love it when God speak to us and we not even know to be looking, then bammmm he speak to us out of no where.. Loved the analogy, and great to hear the work he is doing.. know we are thinking of you guys... keep up the great work. Everyone loved Hearing from you on Church Sunday... Thanks for all the work you allow God to do through you to touch the lives of others... keep it up!