Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Pawelek's Arrive in Quito!

We are so happy our friends Pete and Abby Pawelek (and their kids Peter and Hadley) arrived safely last night around midnight.  Today we went to the church where we will be working with a team from Cowboy Fellowship that will arrive on Friday.  It was exciting to see things come together as the men talked "construction."  Not only will the team work with the kids from low income families, but they will also help us build a computer lab for the kids and build a home for the guard of the church and his family.  We are so excited to see what God has in store.  Here are some pictures of how the morning went and how Peter (Pete and Abby's son) was welcomed with open arms by the kids at the church, even though he didn't speak Spanish! It was beautiful to see.

Domenica is our neighbor, she came along and was a great help with Hadley.

The boys (8-9 years old) took Peter (3 years old) under their wing and let him play soccer with them

Peter shares his rocks with Daniel.

Time to play!

 Stay tuned to see what God will do this week!  Please pray for the safety of the group traveling on Friday. 

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