Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Part II

     The story continues... After lunch I noticed a group of kids walking and took their picture, they were excited and gave me a big wave for one of the photos.  A few minutes later they came up to the radio tower to talk with us.  We talked about the weather, Christmas traditions and they asked me to sing a song in English.  I had them cracking up as I sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (had a very shiny nose LIKE A LIGHT BULB).  Afterwards, they said, "Vamos a jugar."  That means we are going to play so I said, "Okay, see you later."  They said, "No, let's all go play."  So I started off with the kids and they looked at Larry and pointed for him to come too. 

This little boy was so cute, his eyes melted my heart!
 They took us to a tent that was full of hay and we played little games that had a song about a wolf coming out of the woods to eat us.  We didn't understand exactly what was going on, but figured it out when they started chasing us.  Then we went outside and Larry learned how to play soccer while I sat in the grass with the girls conversing about whatever topic they could think of.

     Afterwards, they asked if I wanted to go down the hill to get some more water for supper.  Little did I know that we were going in a truck with 2 trashcans to fill.  That took about an hour to fill everything.  Since they don't have refrigerators, they basically kill the animal and skin it before it is time to eat.  While I was getting water, Larry was learning how to play Ecua-voli with the guys.  When we got back, we found out the other 2 missionaries had success in finding the correct "radio chip" for the transmitter.

     While they were putting the new chip in, I decided to go sit by the fire where they were cooking so I could warm up.  That's when I noticed they were cooking cuy (guinea pig).  I asked how they knew when it was done.  The lady took the pig off the fire, snapped off the foot with toenails and all and popped it into her mouth.  Then she gave me one and said, "Eat it."  I just sat there looking at the little toenails in amazement.  They were laughing at me and telling me how good it was.  I decided to pass and told them I'd wait for the "meaty" part. 

We packed everything up and had some good tasting cuy (yes I ate guinea pig).  It was a bit tough, but not too bad actually.  They kept asking us to stay the night, but we needed to return to Quito.  We had a sweet time of prayer thanking God for the repair so they could continue broadcasting to their community and spoke a few words of God's faithfulness over the radio.  It was a wonderful ending to a wonderful day!


  1. WOW! What a day! It was great you were able to share fun times with them, and see the beautiful nature around you.

  2. Lauren GravesSeptember 30, 2010

    God IS good! I can't wait to hear more of what the Lord does through you and your adventures along the way.


  3. So I got to the part about you two eating Guinea Pigs for dinner and that's when I thought "Okay, NOW they're missionaries!" :-) Seriously, what a wonderful day and wonderful testimony. I'm super excited for you guys! (oh, and the look on Larry's face with the roasted G.P. ... priceless.)

    - Andrea S