Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little did we know...

We woke up at 4 a.m. on Monday morning to make a 4 hour drive to a town called San Guisel Alto, a Quichua community.  We left early to avoid traffic and were given a beautiful view of God's creation on the way.  We saw the sun rise and set, mountains laden with snow on one side of the road, and beautiful gold flowers on the other side.  I sat speechless in the car just completely amazed that we are actually here doing what we have dreamed about for so long.

We stopped at a little cafe for breakfast on the way just long enough to order some coffee, eggs, and enough time to stretch our legs.  We reached our destination around 9:30 a.m. and were eager to get to work.  However, the people thought we would be tired from our trip and wanted us to come sit down, where they served us again!  It had only been about an hour since we had eaten, but it would have been rude to refuse, so we ate again:-)  The meal consisted of a hot drink, soup, and bread with cheese.

We then headed to the tower to see what needed to be fixed.  That's when Tim (an HCJB missionary) gave Larry a belt and asked him to climb the tower with him so they could fix the frequency.  After watching for some time and praying, I decided to go and help the ladies with the food.

Most of the women understood Spanish (although they mostly speak Quichua) and allowed me to peel and chop vegetables with them.  They were preparing lots of food for the next day's service.  I sat there smiling and thinking of the time that my Mom and my Aunt Debbie had a potato peeling contest right there in the kitchen.  Mom had a knife and my aunt had a potato peeler.  I sat there wishing I had a potato peeler, but did just fine with Larry's pocket knife:-)

While I was peeling, I heard Tim yell from the top of the tower, "We need the measuring tape!"  I didn't know if he was talking to me or to Shelly (another missionary) so I went to check it out.  Shelly had the tape in her hands and asked if one of the guys would climb up.  He said he was afraid to do it so she asked if I would go.  I put the tape in my pocket and started up the tower.  I decided not to look up or down and just kept saying, "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!"  What a beautiful view it was from the top.  I could see all the mountains that looked like a patch work quilt and mountains in the distance that were covered with snow.  I stopped for a moment to rest and take it all in and just could not believe that I was on this tower seeing all this!  Little did we know we would be doing that when we woke up, but I didn't dare take my camera out!

There is much more to share, this all happened before lunch, but I will have to write more tomorrow.  So for now... TO BE CONTINUED!

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