Sunday, August 2, 2009

More of HIM!

The previous blog had updated everyone until Thursday. We were praying to reach 75% by this weekend. God did it, we are amazed! We were looking at an old newsletter last night. We saw that it took us from October-May to go up 10%. That is 7 months... and God just did it again in 7 days! Unbelievable! What a mighty God we serve!

This morning we spoke at a men's breakfast at South Main Baptist and went to service there with Larry's parents. The passage was about how Jesus fed the thousands with 5 loaves and 2 fish. How God is the one provides for all of our needs.

Later, we made it to our church at UBC. When our pastor started reading the SAME passage that we heard an hour earlier... I looked at Larry and smiled... "You think God's trying to tell us something here?"

When we got home I was able to speak with a family member that we had visited recently. That is when he told me that they would be supporting us...which put us right at 75%!

As I look back, I realize though that it is not about getting to 100%, or to the next "thing" in our life. It's about having a hunger and passion for more of God. Just Him-nothing more. He supplies our every need, He knows the desires of our heart. Our spiritual act of worship is to be living sacrifices. Lord here am I... send me!

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