Monday, January 5, 2009

seeing God move-larry

It is really cool to look back and see how God has moved through our lives. I understand now why people say to keep a journal. Most people know my passion is to work in radio ministry and it seemed to me like God wasn't listening to me. When I look back I see that God was saying be patient.

I wanted so badly to be an on-air dj at a Christian radio station. Along the way God gave me some little nuggets to make me happy as a way of saying hold on... but I didn't see it like that at the time. After college I got to do some voice-over work on a few commercials. Then I got to be a guest dj for one morning at a Houston radio station. Then my friend Pete asked me to put together his radio program. It is mostly his sermon that I edit and add an intro to each week and send to a few radio staions. But all these were God's way of saying hold on. Now I get to be a fill-in dj at KSBj (christian radio station) when the regular dj's take a day off.

I always thought God wasn't listening because things were not happening when I wanted. But I know now God was saying wait, it will happen in MY timing. Be patient. So now I know God has us in a place where he wants us and when he wants us. Amanda and I are ready to be in Ecuador to work with HCJB Global now. But we know HE has us where we are right now for a reason. And HE is saying be patient. In the mean time he is giving us nuggets to make us happy. Like each time we get a new supporter. Or when we see how close we are to having part of our out-going expenses paid. So I don't know when we will go... but looking back on what God has done I know it will be in HIS timing.


  1. Kelly JaquezJanuary 07, 2009

    And He is always an ON-TIME God! :)

  2. Great blog, Larry. I'm so proud of you guys! Happy New Year!

  3. Justin and SusannaJanuary 08, 2009

    Larry - this is Justin and Susanna from New Braunfels. How are you guys. We have missed talking to you all. Give me a call so we can connect again. cell 830-708-8055