Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Larry's 1st Audio Book!

As we started to pray and look for jobs upon returning from Ecuador Larry decided to take a class to do some voice over work on the side.  He just finished narrating his first audiobook, and we are so excited for new beginnings, where we trust God to make things "grow."

I love to hear him on the radio, and I'm so excited about what this new venue will bring about for him.

I am so proud of him for doing something different and for stepping out into some new work.  We would love it if our good friends and family would buy it and give him some feedback. It's only $5.95... and you get to hear about Jesus :-)  Since it is an audio book, you can listen to it in your car or while taking the dog or kids for a walk.  It would really mean a lot to him to have your feedback and for supporting him in this new area.  You can buy it here: Jesus Christ: His Life and Times.

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